Want to up your Instagram game ? Use Mapiac.

You can have Tens of thousands of followers but if your content is really bad the number of your followers don’t mean anything.

This is by no means a sponsored post. I want to share my experience with you whilst using Mapiac to help you up your instagram game!

As a Photographer in this day and age Instagram is your best friend. It is free and literally acts as your portfolio and selling machine. Its where people find you, hire you and pay you to advertise for them. I started looking for companies that can help me get more of my content seen. I would scroll through Instagrams "explore" feed and just ask myself how has this person got so many followers or how does he/she have so many likes on a photo, mine is just as good. I have learnt it has all got to do with the algorithm of instagram.  I didn't want to buy followers because doing that ruins your instagram account and has zero benefit whats so ever, I wanted to find someone who could bring my instagram game to the next level. That is when I found a site call Mapiac. They specialise in helping people grow their Instagram Organically but then again everyone claims that. I started researching about this company to see how legit it was and what others have said about them. I also found a article written about them on Buzzfeed. I decided why not give it a shot from what I read on Buzzfeed it seems pretty decent. Here is how my Journey has gone so far. If after reading this article you want to jump on board with mapiac then use the code nickheinimann.photography for 10% off your first month. 


Getting Started with Mapiac.

After completing getting started with mapiac. I received an email one day later looking like this.


Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 3.49.00 PM.png

We exchanged emails and then a day later I recieved a personal phone call from the founder Dries in which we spoke for 30 minutes about what my goals are on Instagram and why I decided to go with them and what I would like to get out of the service, he also explained with high detail what it is they actually do and I was able to challenge him with questions. Towards the end of the phone call he asked me to give him a list of 20 instagrammers that had the same type of photography style as me with a minimum of 5k followers. 

The next day I opened my email and saw someone located in Florida was requesting access to my instagram. I looked through my email and found this  from Andrew of Mapiac. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 3.58.33 PM.png

I started monitoring my instagram for the next few days and and got another email from andrew. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 4.01.46 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 4.02.05 PM.png

So as we can see in the conversation I had with Andrew from support I challenged him with some questions because I myself still could not believe and understand what exactly was happening to my instagram and why all of a sudden my impressions and reach boosted so high. I recieved a reply from andrew and here is what he said. 


 Andrew describes exactly what it is Mapiac does. If you are unsure as it is not so clear on their website this email reply explains it all. 

Andrew describes exactly what it is Mapiac does. If you are unsure as it is not so clear on their website this email reply explains it all. 

I was wondering how exactly I would monetise my instagram and get brands to message me or hire me so I asked Andrew and here is what he said. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 4.07.51 PM.png

Here is Why Mapiac is so great!

From the moment I subscribed until this very day I have seen massive improvments in my instagram. My analytics have boosted so much and I have landed a few paid jobs as a result of my increased followers and my photos appearing on the explore tab. Andrew from support is full of knowledge and whenever I have something I am not sure about or what to ask he responds within the same day or the next day. As a customer they treat you as a friend rather than just any other paying customer, they do their utmost to making your experience the best possible. 
The team is always ready to help you and you have your own account manager. I am honestly pretty happy with the growth so far and pretty excited to see whats in store next. 

The reason why Mapiac is so great is because it gives you a chance to showcase your work to thousands of people, which due to Instagram's algorithm wouldn't have been possible if I did it myself because I don't have time to follow and unfollow and do all the stuff they do for my instagram.  They are SEO experts.  If you want to bring your instagram to the next level I would recommend trying Mapiac. You will be as surprised as I am only 2 months into the campaign. It costs 135GBP a month which is quite pricey but the service you get for that price is top notch. 

Since starting with Mapiac I have seen a rise in 6k followers in 2 months, gotten 3 new clients, opened up my own store to sell my prints on smug mug due to the demand of people asking  "where can I buy your photos" . If you are in the same industry as me, are wanting to become a social media influencer or get more exposure for your business through social media I would recommend giving Mapaic a go as they are simply one of the best and one of the most legit services out there. As my campaign continues I will be updating this section of my blog and letting you all know how it is going. 

My engagement ratio on instagram fluctuates between 4-5% for instagram standards that is considered has a high engagement ratio. The followers I get are people who have a genuine interest in my photos and in return like my photos due to the content I post. On the other hand if you don't post good content or not as frequently Mapiac wont work for you. As with everything people follow you because they like the content you produce.  You can check out my instagram here

Nowadays the more followers you have the more attractive you will be to brands. You have a high market value.

So if you think you want to give it a shot hit up Mapiac now and use the coupon NICKHEINIMANN.PHOTOGRAPHY for a 10% DISCOUNT  at check out! 

Chat soon! :)